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Personalized Buteyko Method breath coaching:
for asthma, rhinitis, anxiety, sleep problems, and more.

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Your Coach: Marta Khawaja

Marta is a Buteyko Method Instructor, certified by Buteyko Clinic International (CertBBM), and trained by the leading international expert, Patrick McKeown. She specializes in teaching techniques that help relieve symptoms of asthma, rhinitis, anxiety, panic disorder, insomnia, sleep apnea, fatigue, and more.

The method she teaches can also be successfully used by athletes and individuals who train non-professionally but wish to boost their athletic performance, as well as anyone who wants to become healthier and fitter by learning how to breathe functionally and more aligned with their body’s metabolic needs.

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Clients' testimonials

"I was very anxious, I was clinically depressed and I wasn’t living the best of my life. On every session with Marta, I was able to experience peace and calmness. With the breathing techniques that she taught me, I am happy to say that I have regained so much control of my life. I am very, very happy now. I sleep properly now as opposed to before. Before I was like a zombie, and not really living. Thank you so much Marta for all the help you have given me, and all the breathing exercises that I do daily now. It’s helping me to cope with my life."
"I’ve achieved a greater sense of relaxation and peace in my life through Marta’s breathwork training. Thanks to Marta's techniques, I gained an additional sleep efficiency. Even with less hours of sleep than before, I’m fully energized throughout the day. Marta also taught me to breathe through my nose during exercise which helps me achieve my peak athletic performance. And one thing I really love about Marta’s teaching is that she doesn’t just give one tool, she gives multiple tools. I’ve learned so much from her - now I have this education in my mind, and I know the mechanisms through which all of these different methods work. This is a huge game changer for my life. Thank you, Marta, for being so caring, measuring every single thing, tracking all of these biomarkers to help me optimize my athletic performance, as well as keeping me calm and relaxed during the day despite the stresses and the anxieties of being an entrepreneur and running a business. Thank you Marta once again, I will be your student for life."

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