Marta Khawaja

Certified Buteyko Method Breathing Instructor and Founder of Marmi Breath, passionate about helping others recognize the power of their own breath and guiding them towards healing through conscious breathing.

Marta is also a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM title acquired at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland) and an Animal Behaviorist. Her education in these fields has provided her with profound knowledge of the physiology, biochemistry, psychology, and therapy of living organisms.

Thanks to her medical background, she has built a solid foundation in order to understand the underlying mechanisms of the methods she practices. Marta is very passionate about science and constantly seeks proof and confirmation of her observations in medical papers.

However, no scientific proof can ever compare to the first-hand experience of healing and relief from a chronic illness. Marta personally experienced this, chronically suffering from respiratory symptoms of allergies since childhood. As a teenager, she spent 6 years under regular supervision of an allergist, continuously getting immunization shots every month, and was constantly on and off antihistamines and steroids for over 15 years. She also tried numerous alternative treatment options, but nothing seemed to truly help her in this lifelong struggle.


That was until Marta learned the Buteyko Method and mastered the skill of controlling any arising symptoms through the use of the right breathing techniques. Now, she is completely medication-free and believes that learning the Buteyko Method has been nothing short of life-changing. Based on her experience, she is committed to helping others improve their lives through breathing re-education.

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